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Sabtu, Februari 21, 2009

Are you interested in making more money?

WANTED: Any Malaysian Who Want To Make Extra RM800 - RM3,500 Per Month, Working One Hour Per Day On Their PC / Laptop!

No experience or skills required. Any age, part-time or full-time. Next 300 applications get special promotion!

From: Gobala Krishnan & Zamri Nanyan
RE: Changing Your Life (And Becoming Rich!)

Dear Friend,

Imagine if you can change your life in the next 48 hours.

Imagine if you can make more money, work less every day, and have more free time to do whatever you want. Imagine if you can do all this without borrowing money from ah long or banks, applying for government loans, or waiting to win 4D..

Do you want to:

Don't Want
Make extra RM800 - RM3,500 every month, part time?
Pay off ALL your credit card hutang in 6 months?
Buy your dream house or condo before end of this year?
Buy a new imported car and show off to all your friends?
Pay back your PTPN and study loans as past as possible?
Reduce your working time to just 1-2 hours a day?
Go on holiday around the world 3-4 times a year?

I am sure you want some of it, if not all of it - and that's why you are reading this page.

Listen to me very, very carefully.

Everything I say on this website is very important. Everything.

Because I am going to show you a way, where you can sit at home in front of your PC for about one or two hours a day, and make more money than all your friends who go to work at 7am and come back home at 9pm.

Plus, it does not require any special skill other than basic Internet knowledge.

I want to change your life.

Three years ago I also used to get up at 7am, get stuck in traffic jam for one hour, and then reach office late. My boss will look at me one kind, then make some sarcastic joke about me. I just shut up of course because he's the boss!. S

Sharp 5pm I run out of the office, get stuck in a jam again, and finally reach home at 7pm.

And by doing all this I was only making RM2,300 per month. After 3 years, still the same. Increment only a stupid RM100 which makes no difference since the petrol price, the rent, and everything else has increased.

But one day I discovered a secret.

I discovered a website called "ClickBank" and started to read about how all those mat sallehs were making millions just by promoting someone else products.

I started to korek as much as I can from them, and I was shocked when I finally saw the secret formula. This formula will work for anybody - whether you're Malay, Chinese or Indian - woman or man - old or young - rich or poor - university grad or SPM only - it will work for you, guaranteed..

When I used this secret formula, my whole life started to change - I could not believe it!

My income started growing and growing, and never stopped. Believe it or not, in just 6 months I already paid off all my credit card hutang and was making more money then most CEOs. I quit my job, said "Bye Bye" to my office friends, and started working from home on my PC.

Last year I got married, paid off my RM36k Yayasan Telekom scholarship, paid off my RM20k hutang to my parents, and even bought a new RM300k condo - all using my "Internet money"!

Even after paying for all that all that I still have enough money to go for holiday overseas (5 times in one year), and still have a lot of money for my savings and investment.

You think I'm talking nonsense?

Listen, there is no reason for me to lie to you, ok? Let me show you proof.. so after this we can talk about "How can I start!" instead of "Can I really make money?".

Deal? Here's the proof: "The Secrets of Clickbank"

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