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Sabtu, Jun 12, 2010

A Piece Of My Broken Heart

You promised to give me the answer,
But you turn it to a silent mode
Do you mean goodbye?
Is that the easy way to end,
The wish without the why?

You owe me nothing, as i owe
You equally, and yet
There's something in the undertow
I cannot just forget..

There's something lovely like a song
That's waiting to be heard,
Or like the feelings that belong
To some unspoken word..

And so with you i cannot simply
Smile and stay aloof,
I take the risk of asking frankly
For the untold truth..

U back
Without i notice why..
U act nothing wrong..
and u gone again..

For the journey i went trough
Such a stupid i am
To keep a hopes & believe in u..


Thank you.

9 ulasan:

ain nadzirah berkata...

beautiful poem...like it!!

Whoopz berkata...

The art 0f w0rds.. Nice.. :)

dinda.teJa berkata...

t o o N i c e 4 m y B r o k e n H e a r t ?

areleaf berkata...

teringin pulak nak makan lauk kenduri tibe2..

hans berkata...

ko wat sendiri?

Kie-yu berkata...

ini die cik dinda teja
selamat bkenalan ;)

-telordibasuh- berkata...

thanks you hahaa

timhar berkata...

datang menerjah.. hihihi

HaW berkata...

while u're marrying someone else... I'm marrying someone else too!

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