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Ahad, Ogos 29, 2010

Love is not easy

"It's so easy to meet someone new,
It's so easy to get into a relationship,
It's so easy to fall in love,

but so hard to find someone who will catch you."

To you:
im old
you are young

you dont care
but i am too much care
of what people gonna say

I am:
Yes i do miss you,
but i dont like you,
i dont even want you,
coz im hiding my feeling
afraid to fall in love with you.

People says:
"The best medicine is love..."

so that i am sick.

"Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart." Julie Marie said.

"So open your heart, dont be afraid, dont be shy..."
"open new book for your future and life..."

huhuhu.. easy to say, hard to do lah bro!!! - L U P I L A S

It's hurt dowhhh!

3 ulasan:

Kamil ace™ berkata...

make a wise decision then..i'll pray 4 u.. ;)

miszAM berkata...

eh2 gamba nye sme la. post erma bukan tuk teja, erma amik dari fb je. xtau lak same..

dinda.teJa berkata...

@ kamil : yeah, plz pray for me ya.. :)

@ miszam : suratan kebetulan ye.. hihi..

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